New Voices Are Rising is excited to host our first-ever VIRTUAL Summer Climate Justice Leadership Academy! 

In recent years, young people around the world have risen up to demand that we all acknowledge the climate crisis is here and now, and take bold action to address it. Youth are leading this global movement for environmental and climate justice, and their passionate leadership and sense of urgency is exactly what is needed to pressure our governments and international agencies into action.

Our New Voices Are Rising students play an active role in this global movement, taking action locally within their communities. New Voices students are high schoolers living in the most polluted and under-resourced areas of Oakland. They live and breathe environmental and social injustices every single day. And, they have chosen to step up as leaders, challenge the status quo, and make positive change for their communities and the environment!

When the global pandemic hit, and the shelter-in-place went into effect in the Bay Area, many organizations and projects had to shut down or change course. Despite all the hardships society is facing in this health crisis, our students are as committed as ever to building community power. Our students know that environmental injustices are not taking a break during the pandemic. They know that the pandemic shines yet another light on the health and economic inequalities in our communities. And they have doubled-down on their work toward cleaner air, greater food security, and a more informed and engaged community.


New Voices students are continuing to show up for their communities – and now it’s time for us to show up for them!





We need your help to raise the funds necessary to pull off a successful virtual Summer Academy!

Our 2020 Summer Academy will engage 18 high school students from low-income areas and communities of color in Oakland in a 6-week intensive environmental justice virtual training program. The Academy will take students on a deep-dive into local environmental justice issues, while building their leadership, advocacy, and organizing skills along the way.

What will your donation support in this extra-special virtual Summer Academy?

With the sudden switch to remote work and school, gaps in access to food and technology have come to light. To address any potential barriers for our students to participate in the Academy, your donation will help provide each student with an iPad and internet connectivity. This technology will allow our students to engage in online learning, group activities, digital organizing, and more. Your donation will also help provide weekly boxes of fresh locally-grown produce and home garden kits to students and their families, to supplement their food supply over the summer. A fully-funded Summer Academy will ensure that our students have many rich and engaging experiences, including virtual externships with local nonprofits, online talks with guest speakers, exciting at-home projects and experiments, virtual field trips, and our annual (now virtual) Youth Poetry Slam. The Academy will culminate with our virtual Community Summit, where students will showcase what they learned during the program and build community environmental literacy.

Your donation to New Voices provides all of these opportunities and more to our 2020 Summer Academy students, and helps to keep the movement for cleaner, healthier, and more just communities going – even during a global pandemic!

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